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By now, you would have heard about LED Driving Lights taking the market by storm. It can be hard to decipher exactly what to look for when making a decision. Many things come into the equation like beam pattern, lumens, lux and watts etc. In this guide, we’re going to strip all the technical jargon down and keep it simple. But first, let’s talk about the white elephant in the room. Read on!

Yes, most lighting businesses just rebrand a generic product.

There are only a small number of manufacturers that research and develop their own products within in-house assembly facilities, one will pay more for these products as the performance and craftsmanship are of the top tier. China’s capacity to copy and manufacture has grown and strengthened greatly in recent times, allowing the ability for backyard businesses to spawn from thin air! There is a misconception that ALL LED products are made in the same factory, however, this only haselementsof truth within it.

However, most mass manufacturers are based in China and produce their goods for many businesses around the world. That being said, China’s manufacturing has done some great things. By growing scale and increasing demand, China has been able to compete harder with global markets and reduce the cost of goods thus reducing the purchase cost of goods and technology for consumers.

Education is your best asset!

With China’s tempting offering of dirt cheap LED products, don’t be misled into thinking they are all the same! They are most certainly not. To manufacture quality products takes more time and lower tolerances for quality control. Cost of materials, coatings and components will also increase, thus increasing the overall cost of the goods.

The point made here is very simple. Not all products are made to the same quality. Education is your best asset, as rebranding rubbish products are all the rage!

Why LED Driving Lights?

There are a couple of reasons why LED Driving Lights are the smarter technology choice for auxiliary driving lights.

  • LED technology will run cooler than halogen or high-intensity discharge (HID)
  • Greater resistance to vibration and shock. Rough roads and animal strikes are no match.
  • Longer lifespan – over 150 times longer life than older technology
  • Greater versatility. LED technology can be used to suit almost every application
  • Instantaneous performance. No warm-up times, no worries.


In short – Properly designed LED Driving Lights will do wonders for your night drive. It’s a misconception that LED lighting is only good for spread and not for exceptional distance.

It wasn’t long ago that a beam distance from LED of over 70m was unheard of. As technology has progressed, we now have the knowledge to utilize high-tech electronics help us lead the way in the LED driving light market. Optical characteristics and techno

Manufactures and design teams now have the ability to do a lot more with optical characteristics and beam patterns. Tighter pitched reflectors, optics and rear-facing free-form reflectors have all been subject to change and redesign as LED technology barges in. We can now build LED Driving Lights with virtually any beam pattern we need, allowing for precise and accurate light projection for the job at hand.

Waterproof Ratings

In short – Most LED Driving Lights will be IP67 or higher. For best results, look for IP69 or IP69K certified products.

Click here to learn more about IP Ratings

Lumens Vs. LUX

In short – Lumens and effective lumens are only 5% of the equation. Look out for the intensity of light or 1lux data.

Lumens has no credit unless the reflector or optic projecting light is well engineered. It’s like trying to fly without wings. The same principle applies with LED Lighting, the lumens have to be projected for them to have much use at all.

This is where LUX comes in. Lux is the intensity of light at a distance – 1lux = enough light to read the small print on paper (one lumen in one square meter)

Look for lux data when looking at buying a new set of LED Driving Lights, rather than lumens or effective lumens. This will give you a more accurate depiction of what sort of performance you’re going to receive from your driving lights.

*Ensure you are dealing with a reputable company and manufacturer as most of the data shown to you by non-credible online sellers is arbitrary and FAKE!*

Mounting Brackets

In short- If a manufacturer is going to cut costs, this is one place you’ll see it!

A lot of manufactures will cut costs here as it renders no benefit to mass producing sales for them. Generally, low-quality stainless steel and poorly penetrated TIG welds will bring your lights to the ground. We see LED Driving Light bracket failure way too often, as corrugations and relentless harmonic vibration will get the better of a poorly designed welded bracket.

Ensure a decent mounting system is used, 4mm minimum steel thickness will do a great job of holding your driving lights securely in place. Non-welded single piece brackets are best as they tend not to fatigue from harsh terrain – Keep an eye out for single piece brackets in your purchase decision!

Wiring and Connections

Look for a light that incorporates Deutsch connectors that are water and dust proof. If not, moisture will find its way down the electrical cable, and directly inside your LED driving light, potentially destroying it. You might not think it, but the wiring looms supplied with LED driving lights are a major part of what actually helps to keep water and dust out. Many manufacturers will in fact void the light’s warranty if you decide to cut off the supplied connectors and install your own.

Our HyperDrive LED Driving Light is manufactured in our purpose built manufacturing facility, using only the latest technology and procedures. We’ve extracted the impossible, projecting light over 1000m ahead from 80w pair of lamps. Let’s look at a little closer at our flagship HyperDrive LED Driving Light.

No Competition

Engineered in Germany and assembled in our facility in Taiwan, the HyperDrive offers staggering LED driving light performance with a unique design. Spawned from a rich heritage of heavy-duty mining applications, every element of the HyperDrive promotes reliability and robusticity.

Our German optical engineers have designed the world’s first and only application-specific optical lens to ensure the XM-L2’s potential is fully extracted. Projecting over 1000m in usable light from a pair of 80w lamps makes the HyperDrive Mk2’s 32% more efficient than the LightForce 140w Genesis LED and 27% more efficient than the 165w Narva’s 215 LED.

Water & Dust Proof

The HyperDrive’s are equipped with dual seals made from non-perishable silicone. There is no need to worry about any water ingress while driving in rain, hail or bull-dust. The HyperDrive driving lights are certified and IP69 with the best ingress protection for long-lasting driving experience. The lights are integrated with genuine injected Deutsch plug and socket ensure a waterproof and tight fit.


The HyperDrive driving lights are extremely robust, providing you confidence whilst on the darkest roads. No matter what you may come up against, or where you go, they’re so durably built, you know that you are never left alone in the dark.

Internal Thermal Management System

The diodes’ thermal levels are monitored by integrated advanced IC drivers. They ensure the diodes are not over-driven to the respective thermal conditions. This prevents severe lumen output by diodes and any premature failure of parts.

It’s integrated 4 stage internal thermal management system reduces the amount of heat to the diodes in extreme driving conditions. This helps reduce the strain and heat to seals and parts, and in the process extends its longevity.

Engineered Electronics

The HyperDrive driving lights have a printed circuit board that facilitates the flow of current with minimal resistance for a cleaner and consistent power to each diode. It’s assembled using high-quality automotive specification parts to ensure reduced noise with increased stability and thermal control.

All of our products are built and assembled using the best automotive specified parts to never let you down and always work as intended. Its CISPR25 Cat 3 certification ensures the light doesn’t interfere with any form of electromagnetic or radio frequencies. This, in turn, ensures continual communication with other road users.


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